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In Memoriam
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Grace Mawby 1929 –2018 Born in Northampton she has always lived in Northamptonshire. Very happy that she had a brother who kept in touch even if health problems meant that in more recent times they could not see each other. Coming to Long Buckby when she married Ron they had a very happy marriage. They both really enjoyed dancing. On Ron’s sudden death she found it hard to look after herself. She was however ever grateful for the help she received from Rev’d Yvonne Stone at the time of Ron’s death. Then she was grateful for the love and concern shown for her by many friends. Coming to Long Buckby URC after Ron’s death she became a member in November 2007. She was known by a huge number of staff who passed through United Counties bus company in the 42 years she worked there. In retirement she kept in touch with many she knew until she went into Brownlands Care home when her health had declined. In the home her health improved somewhat and she was always grateful for the visits she received. Only in the last six months or so did she find her health seriously declining. We pray that she knows the heavenly splendour she always wanted and the family and her friends will know Jesus’s love reaching out to touch them. Grace was cremated at Rugby Crematorium and had a service of thanksgiving at Brownlands Care Home.